Insulo Series
2014, so a few new tracks from me (a dozen actually) for you to play. These twelve tracks are set on four different islands (Insulo means Island in Esperanto)...... Four Islands with four different theme's. The whole idea is that when you drive on one Island you can see the others in the distance.
I hope you have fun driving them ;-)

Final Tracks?
I have to be carefull with announcing my retirement I guess...  This just started out as a textures excersise and before you know it you have 6 tracks ready for realease...
These are four tracks based on the same world, more info if you use the menu on the left.
The two tracks below are both reworks of some MTM2 tracks I once made.




Surprise, 4 new (and final) tracks
What can I say...  After seven years of not making tracks I was just curious if I could still make a decent track...  Well, the three of you that still play this game can decide if I still can make a decent track ;-)
This is not a return from retirement however, I really was just curious if I could still make a track.Click on the menu left to get more info...

3 new tracks: Dunes of Brabant.
Based on a nature park in the area I live in called "Loonse en Drunense Duinen, just click on the menu left to get these new tracks.

Gromit 2005 & Reversed released.
A new version of an old classic, but not at all the same.
Originaly this was supposed to be a XPand Rally track, but since I still have no clue (or help) on how to make tracks for that game I decided to see if I could make a new evo2 version of it.
Checkout the menu on the left to see how I pulled it off ;-))

SURPRISE, another new track availlable for Download.
Another new track availlable from me. This time it's a track based on some textures I made for a unreleased winterversion of "Salev" combined with some models from the game "XR Rally" I converted.
This track is also made with the new "who needs perfection slow when you can have fun fast"  filosophy of me. This means not every detail is as perfect as my previous tracks  in exchange for a faster release ;-)
I still hope you like it ofcourse, you can download it (and the revesed version) via the menu on the left

SURPRISE, new track availlable for Download.
Usualy I take a few months to make a new track, this time I decided to see what I could come up with in just a day..
The result is called Forrest Run and the track plus all the details about this track can be found in the menu on the left.
It was fun working on a track again, maybe I'll continue working on some again in the near future, maybe not as detailed as before but just for the fun of making tracks again. ;-)