Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via

What has the latin for "for the tenacious, no road is unpassable" have to do with 4x4 cars....?

Well, the dutch Spyker factory used this sentence in their company logo, this factory happened to have made the first 4-wheel driven car back in 1902. (ofcourse, you couldn't climb this hill with that car, but still.....)
This track is mostly inspired from all your efforts to do some hillclimbing at my other 4x4evo track, Gromit's Day Off & Reversed. It has no visible checkpoints, but they are so wide that it doesn't matter at all, Checkpoint 3 is the finnishline.
There are no models in this track, just the checkpoint boxes. But all the 256 textures are new, Have fun with this one.
PS, under 1 minute is possible...