Gromit's Day Off

I started working on Gromit's Day Off in july 2000, 6 months before the 4x4evo 1 hit the shelfs. Take 2 had accidently released a alpha version of the game on a CD that came with the french magazine Joystick, since I was hooked on MTM2 trackmaking, I had to have this CD. 
So, on a thursday morning I stepped into my car to drive to France (Lille), the only problem was that I hit it into another car before I had even left town ;-((, fortunatly I could get a rental for a few weeks so I managed to pick it up afterall.
Fortunatly MTM2 tracks could be played on the game although it created some weird ground effects, not to mention dissapearing groundboxes etc....  It did however give me an advantage on other trackmakers who didn't have the alpha I had ;-))
I almost emediatly started working on all new models and textures for this new track, and created the track almost completely with Traxx, when the evo1 editor was released I just changed some details that could not be done with traxx, adding the trees and building some mountain somewhere are the only things that needed to be done. 
That mountain later became legendary, most PPL were trying to climb it, but failed. Others were able to, but only sometimes.
Only later when custom trucks apeared on the scene it became easier for folks to reach to the top. It's to bad all the posts about it dissapeared somewhere, it was sure fun to read all of that and inspired me to make a hillclimb track called "Nulla Tennaci Invia Est Via", details about that track can be found via the menu on the left.
With this link you can view the beta proces of this track, somehow that didn't get deleted. You can read it  here
Use the buttons below to download, you can either use the executable, or (if you are a MAC user) the ZIP file
The track is named after TRI's leadprogrammer, nicknamed Gromit. I figured he might wanted to take a day off after all the hard work he had done.