Chubasco (MTM1 revisited)

I don't know about you guys, but I always loved Monster Truck Madness.The original game (version 1) from TRI had three tracks I really liked to drive, Round and round, Winding Way and Canyon Adventure. Later I discovered a whole new world outthere when track add-ons appeared. From then on I was hooked and wanted to make my own tracks.

A few years later now I think it's safe to say that I am able to make some nice tracks, however I never forgot those three from the past. Now how would a modern interpretation of those tracks look like? I think here's your answer folks, I combined those three tracks to a single rally In a 100% custom track. 

100%??  Well, sort of. Everything in this track is custom made, sky, ground vegetation, trees, textures, models THE LOT!  Exept for 2 minor things I borrowed, one is the TRI MTM2 blimp wich I retextured and changed to SMF format, the other is the ground vegetation texture I Downloaded from the MTMG site, it are parts of the texture used for the waterplants in sir James's Atlantis 8.


This means that out of the 2152 files in this POD 2150 are designed by me, not a bad score. (for purists 99,907% was done by me ;-)) 

I did have some help on the models though from Halfdone, since Zmodeler didn't work on my PC when I made this, he was so kind to help me out with some of the BIN>SMF conversions. Thanks for fixing the bridges and metal grandstands mate.

Also thank you to the beta testers on this one: Phineus, Halfdone, EmceeMart and 2 stepper. It was a blast!


Here you can Download the EXE file to install Chubasco on your Harddisk. The ZIP is available at KC's

And before I forget, nightdriving is nice too.....


Enjoy this track, and please leave a mesage here