Beat The Trains Evo2

"Beat The Trains" was my second MTM2 track and my first one to have moving objects.

I tried to recreate it as faithfull as possible, but Monster truck Madness is a different beast then evo2, so some compromises had to be made.
One of the big differences between MTM2 and Evo2 is the use of "groundboxes"(there are none in evo2)  and the groundspline in evo2 does make certain things possible in MTM2 and impossible in EVO2...  With this track it was a possible challenge, but most of my MTM2 tracks are made in such a way that it is just not possible to transfer them to EVO2... Fortunatly I was able to replace the groundboxes with models for this track though ;-))

This track also has new a new groundtexture set, a leftover from a few years back when I was working on "Salev".  It also has "Plenty of trains" so beware ;-)

I hope you enjoy driving it as much as I did making it.