TRI Team Death 4x4Evo1&2 tracks

I think TeamDeath was one of the best 4x4evo trackmakers ever around, I guess that's why he worked at TRI ;-))

Unfortunatly his tracks were no longer availlable on the web after his website got deleted.
Since I still had some webspace left I thought it would be a good idea to host them at, one problem though, I was not able to get in contact with TeamDeath so I had to do this without his permision.
I hope you don't mind buddy, but these tracks all deserved to be availlable for all 4x4evo players out there. If you read this then please drop me a line ;-)
Unfortunatly I no longer have the readme's that came along with the zipfiles so you'll have to do without them;-(
I think these are all the evo2 tracks he made, but I could be wrong since it's been a while. If you think there is a track missing then please let me know (and let me know where to find it) so I can add them to the archive.
Just click on the picture to start downloading and have fun;-)

TRI Team Death 4x4Evo1 tracks