What can I say...  After seven years of not making tracks I was just curious if I could still make a decent track...  Well, the three of you that still play this game can decide if I still can make a decent track ;-)

This is not a return from retirement however, I really was just curious if I could still make a track. It has new textures, since I wanted to know if I could make those, but I did not make a truckload of new models to see if I could still do that, just one to prove myself I still know how to make models, but apart from that one all are previously used in earlier tracks (they are however still made by me, just not new)
I Hope the three of you really enjoy this track, it was fun to make one again. I really had fun making it ;-)
And ofcourse, I also had to test if I could still make sequel tracks aswell so....  There are three of them. I did put all four tracks into a single zip though, no point in making seperate zips. Remember though, those bonus tracks only work when the original SURPRISE.POD is also selected
WARNING: these tracks do only run if SURPRISE.pod is installed

Just click on the download button below to get these tracks.