These twelve tracks are set on four different islands (Insulo means Island in Esperanto)...... Four Islands with four different theme's. The whole idea is that when you drive on one Island you can see the others in the distance.

The first three circuits are set on "Insulo Observatorio", Observatory Island in plain english ;-)  Two 2-minute tracks (CW & CCW) and a 4-minute rallye
Next are two tracks set on "Insulo Rokajo" (Rock Island)
This is the smallest Island of the four, you should be able to round them (CW or CCW) in aroud 45 seconds.
The Third island is called "Insulo Akvedukto", Aquaduct Island

Two tracks set on a mountain that should take around 1:15 to drive

The last island is called "Insulo Kastelo" and is set around a small castle. There are 5 tracks layed out on this island.


There are 12 pods in the zipfile that you can obtain by clicking the link below. 11 of them are podzipped, this means that they will not run if the first one (OOPSINS1.POD) is not installed.  Enjoy them ;-)