Gromits Day Off 2005

This is a new version of 'Gromit'. It started out as an XPand Rally track, but since I still can't figure out how to make those I used the rough material (altitude map etc) I made for a new evo2 version

The main difference is the fact that the roads are no longer in 90 degree angles, and yet I only used only 19 groundtextures ;-)
It's still as nasty as it always was so don't worry ;-)
Some models I used are converted from XPand such as the castle and the church, all other models are custom made by me or standard TRI models.
I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the previous version of it, and for those who want to know, yes it's still hard but possible ;-))


Click the download button below to get it ;-)


Gromits Day Off 2005 Reversed

WARNING: this track does not run if grom2005.pod is not installed


No need to explain what this is anymore, it's the same track reversed, as usual an exclusive downloads at ;-)