Forrest Run

Usualy I take a few months to make a new track, this time I decided to see what I could come up with in just a day..

I started today (March 3rd 2005) at 16:23:41 and made the final pod at 23:50:55 according to the Audit trail. This here is the result. (it's nice to have a weekly afternoon off from work) ;-)
I did a bit of stealing to pull it off however, this track is heavily based on a MTM2 track "FINNE" made a while back called "Curved Race"
All I did was add some mountains, a few models and textures I used in some of my previous tracks (some models retextured though) added some new sand/grass textures to add something new and that was it.
This track is not as detailed or tested as my usual tracks, I was kinda in a hurry today ;-)

I hope you enjoy this one, it was fun working on a track again ;-)

All models and textures are custom made by me or retextured TRI models. Feel free to use them!