Well, like the name says, it's a Baja  The name comes from an animated cartoon series called "Eek the Cat", although he shouts "CumBaja" instead of CwmBaja. I changed the name a bit because of the religious conexion to the word. 

EmceeMart sugested to me to rename the track to CwmBaja instead, here's a snippet from an email he send me :
I thought the scenery looked very Welsh, I'm thinking particularly about an area of South Wales called Brecon Beacons, so CWMBAJA would suit IMO. Pronounced the same, CWM literally means "shallow valley" in the Welsh language.

Well, I guess that is a good alternative to CumBaja, especialy with the excuse given to me by my Aglo-American buddy. Thanx Mate! 
This track uses a lot of new models and textures, all designed by me. Feel free to use any of them, a small credit in your readme will do ;-))
This track also has some fun parts outside the racetrack for the explorers, including some rockcrawling. Follow the path upwards from the roman bridge and you will get into trouble ;-))

CwmBaja Winter Version (reversed)
Basicly the same track, only a different season and direction